Santa Ana Winds FC



Winds FC defeats FC Boulder in penalty kicks to face Sporting Arizona in the semifinals
Published Aug 11, 2018

Lakewood, CO. Santa Ana Winds FC came back from a 1-0 deficit to defeat FC Boulder in the quarterfinals to advance to semifinals where they’ll face Sporting Arizona on August 11.

Winds FC controlled the pace of the match in the early minutes and created chances and shots on goal but failed to convert on every opportunity in the first half.

FC Boulder took advantage of one opportunity to go up 1-0 into halftime. Winds FC put the pressure on the second half, eventually provoking a penalty kick to tie things at 1.

FC Boulder had their share of chances created and missed as did Winds FC, that went down to 10 men after a last man tackle to stop FC Boulder’s late chance. Winds FC hit the post in the 90th minute. After 95 minutes played, the match went to penalty kicks where Winds FC won 4-3 after FC Boulder missed their first two penalty kicks.